Thursday, January 31, 2008

still living in the past.

the future is coming fast and hard but the past still manages to haunt me in my sleep. nostalgia and hope should be killed at once.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

that's what my proffessional practice teacher told me that doodling is.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

sometimes i write down little parts of the conversations that are going on during the time i'm making art. it makes me vaguely remember something i feel i might have forgotten otherwise. i like watercolor and ink. the mediums are harder to control than other paint so you just let them do what they want alot of the time.
this is jessica. ha!

i finally framed this piece. i'm going pro.
winter break is over! no more wearing scarfs really because its been in the 70s all week. LA feels yummy sometimes. spring time feels like summer. I want to be in the ocean soon. i like to collage. i just got a new sketchbook, ripped out all the pages in my planner up to today. things feel fresh. school starts tomorrow.

Daddy Issues

i did this over winter break. mixed media. it goes out to all the girls with daddy issues. the canvas was provided by Jessica, my awsome roommate. Thank god she's finally home! Living with her dog, Lola is hard times without jessica. she brings the balance to my life.
homesick* i havn't been to dallas in a while. i miss alot of wonderful people.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Desert

i was lucky enough this break to make it out to the desert Joshua Tree. The lanscape is so cool! everything looks like an old western movie. The cactus plants look like big huge pickle trees and the other trees live in a constant cycle of spontaneous combustion. We saw the coolest junk city rusting away in the middle of the desert. it was awsome.

chilren's book for redcygnet contest

these are illustrations for a children's book i'm working on. it's about a girl who cries stars and how she finally finds an old hobo lady friend on a park bench. I want to thank krista and kenny and christina and my mom and sister for reading the first draft and all their good advice! also if anyone wants to get published is something to check out, i hope they pick my story to publish!