Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

ghost for MK

MK Fabila is collecting ghosts for her EP release. im excited to contribute this super emo ghost girl.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sketch book

some stuff from the sketch book. thats a travis millard sticker head on the murder gives me boners one.

jurien did some of this

butterflies moths wolf hats and yellow glasses. scanned on my bed sheets <3

twilight zone show LA

yay there was an LA Weekly blog write up on this piece by nicole campos:

"But perhaps the best piece in the show isn't mounted on the walls but perched on the edge of the curator's desk, a mixed media piece by Mylan Nguyen entitled "I <3 Bemis" which celebrates Zone mainstay Meredith's most famous role as the squirrely bookworm who delights in a nuclear holocaust allowing him all the time in the world to read undisturbed... until he breaks his glasses. The line doodle of "Time Enough At Last"'s tragic hero on the cover of Nguyen's vintage volume canvas is nifty enough, but you have to open the book to get the full effect of the artist's intent -- inside, the pages are carved out to accommodate a duct-taped pair of glasses (using actual Coke bottle lenses), and across from it a hand-scrawled bit of heartwarming fan fiction describing how after the downer of an ending in the episode, the crafty Bemis fumbled his way to a burned out hardware store and managed to fix his specs. Atop the glasses, the final verdict: "It was ghetto, but it worked."


thanks nicole!
<3 -mylan

cry wolfie

deer from long ago

brice and kenny found this packaging that matched deer i made thanks for sending the image boos.